Singapore resident director in 2022

The majority of our Clients request Healy Consultants Group PLC to provide a resident director to fulfil Singapore company law requirements. Mr. Aidan Healy or another of our Singapore staff members will act as the resident director of your company.

Resident director of Singapore company

Resident director litigation, financial and reputation risk

  • Acting as a resident director for our Clients’ companies makes Healy Consultants Group PLC vulnerable to financial, litigation, and reputational risks:
    • In case a company fails to file its annual returns and annual general meeting documents on time, the resident director is liable to pay the corresponding penalties and attend to court summons on behalf of the company. Refer to the below PDF file to view an example of such a letter, recently received by Aidan Healy;
      Sample court summons
    • The resident director is answerable to the IRAS in case of unpaid taxes or inaccurate tax reporting by our Clients’ companies. The tax liabilities of one director of a Singaporean LLC are also transferred to the other directors in case their taxes are unpaid. Refer to the below PDF file to view an example of such a letter, recently received by Aidan Healy;
      Sample summons from IRAS
    • Any breach of law by our Clients’ companies can result in disqualification for Healy Consultants Group PLC and Aidan Healy;
    • If a company is in violation of the AML-CFT laws, its officers are liable to pay a fine of S$250,000 and the company is liable to pay a fine of S$1 million.


  • Our standard Singapore nominee resident director fee is US$3,900 per year for low-risk business activities. Our fees have been revised over the years to:
    • Account for the increasing legal responsibility of being a resident director for an international Client’s Singaporean company;
    • Mitigate the financial liability of acting as a resident director for our Clients’ companies, especially if all other company officers reside overseas;
    • Compensate for the stricter representative obligations imposed on a company’s resident director, for instance, appearing in court on the Client’s behalf;
    • Protect our client from additional administrative burden.
  • For medium and high-risk business activities, our Firm will determine our fee after careful review of corporate and individual due diligence documents by our legal and compliance department;
  • Healy Consultants does not normally allow Clients to pay Singapore resident director fees by instalments. We normally require full payment up front for the year. However, we may consider half-yearly payments for companies in good standing.
  • Our fees reflects i) the increased regulatory compliance responsibilities of nominee resident directors under Singapore regulations; and ii) resulting increased litigation, financial and reputation risk to our nominees and Healy Consultants Group PLC.
  • If our Clients require documents to be signed by our nominee professional, passive resident director, additional fees will apply.

Terms and conditions of the appointment

  • Under the Singapore Companies Act 1963, every Singaporean company must appoint a director who is resident in Singapore. The director can be a Singaporean citizen, a Singapore Permanent Resident (PR), a person who has been issued with an Entre Pass or an In-Principle-Approval letter or a Dependent Pass;
  • There is no limit on the maximum number of directors, but only individual directors are allowed. Corporate directors are not permitted. Details of all shareholders and directors are publicly available on the Singapore companies register;
  • Should our Clients have difficulties finding a resident director of their own, Mr. Aidan Healy or a senior Healy Consultants Group PLC staff member will act as their resident director to fulfill Singapore company law requirements;
  • To ensure your assets are fully protected, our professional passive nominee director will neither be a bank signatory nor play an active role in the daily corporate activities of the company, in the capacity of a resident director;
  • When appointing Healy Consultants Group PLC as nominee resident director for their Singapore company, we will exclusively act as a passive director and will sign company financial statements and company documents prepared by our in-house Legal and Compliance Department;
  • Should our Client require Mr. Aidan Healy or any other Healy Consultants Group PLC employee acting as the Singapore nominee resident director to sign documents, an additional fee may apply due to increased financial, reputational and litigation risk that the signatory may face;
  • To protect the interests of the parties involved, our Clients enter into a nominee resident director agreement with Healy Consultants Group PLC, highlighting the terms and conditions of being a passive director (please refer to the sample agreement for more details).
  • Our nominee director will not be bank signatory nor sign contracts on behalf of our Client.

Contact us

For additional information on our resident director services in Singapore, please contact our in-house country expert, Ms. Chrissi Zamora, directly:
client relationship officer - Chrissi
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