Dormant accounting and tax obligations in 2024

No. Task US$
1. Preparation of abridged financial statements (a 10-page annual report) including:

  • Dormant Profit & Loss statement and Balance Sheet;
  • Preparing a i) Directors Report ii) a dormant Statement of Changes in Equity and a Statement of Cash Flows and iii) a dormant Detailed Profit and Loss Account in compliance with International Reporting Standards;
  • Drafting notes to the financial statements that accurately and completely inform the Government re dormant business activity;
2. Securing a legal exemption from an independent statutory annual audit. In some countries there is automatic exemption from a statutory audit. In other countries, Healy Consultants Group needs to aggressively and skilfully negotiate an exemption. 250
3. Completing local statutory legal, accounting and tax obligations including:

  • Completing the corporate tax return and drafting a tailored cover letter to the local Tax Authorities explaining why the company is dormant; and
  • Submit a legal annual return (click link) to the Government;
Total Healy Consultants Group fees 1200