Singaporean LLC dormant annual accounting and tax fees in 2023

To help our multi-national Clients’ accurately and completely understand their annual Singaporean statutory obligations, our in-house Accounting and Tax Department prepared this web page. The table below outlines in great detail a checklist of how Healy Consultants Group Staff will help your Singaporean LLC to timely accurately and completely discharge your annual legal, accounting and tax obligations; including our respective fees:

No.Singaporean dormant company – annual accounting & tax obligationsUS$
1.Preparation of abridged financial statements (a 15-page annual report) including:

  • Restructuring and reclassifying income and expenses so as to clearly explain the absence of transactions during the accounting period; and
  • Compliance with Singaporean Financial Reporting Standards; and
  • Crafting accurate and complete financial statement disclosures, to properly explain to IRAS the absence of annual transactions and zero corporation tax;
2.For our Client’s Singaporean dormant entity, our in-house Accounting and Tax Department securing a legal exemption from ACRA and IRAS re:

3.Our Staff to help our Client evaluate their statutory obligations re:

4.Completing your Singaporean dormant entity annual corporate tax obligations including:

  • Preparing an accurate and complete i) corporate tax return and ii) tax computation and iii) tailored cover letter for IRAS; clearly explaining why there are neither annual net profits nor losses;
  • Negotiating written inquiries and phone-calls from IRAS (post tax return submission), justifying why there are neither annual net profits nor losses;
Total annual accounting & tax fees for a Singaporean dormant company 1,200