Example of a simple project plan in 2024

Step Engagement tasks and deliverables Timeline
1. Our Client settles the total Vietnam engagement fees with Healy Consultants as outlined in Appendix Three. 25 Sept
2. Healy Consultants Compliance Team receives the required corporate and personal due diligence information from our Client. Our Client signs Healy Consultants engagement letter and returns the original and the required due diligence to our Singapore Head Office. 28 Sept
3. Our Client confirms by email the planned corporate structure. Healy Consultants’ prepares and sends our Client the Powers of Attorney for our Client’s signature in front of notary public and legalization in Vietnam Embassy in India. The relevant documents are outlined in Appendix Two. Thereafter, our Client couriers the legalized signed documents together with all supporting corporate documents to our Vietnam affiliate office. 1 Oct
4. Healy Consultants and our Client apply for visas for three Indian staff to visit Vietnam to conduct research and hire local staff. 1 Oct
5. Healy Consultants provides our Client with a Vietnamese nominee shareholder to serve as local partner for the Joint Venture. Healy Consultants then drafts and submits a nominee shareholder agreement to our Client. 5 Oct
6. Our Client i) reviews the nominee shareholder agreement ii) notifies Healy Consultants of any modification requests iii) signs the agreement and iv) returns it to Healy Consultants. 10 Oct
7. On receipt of the original legalized documents above, Healy Consultants i) translates them into Vietnamese by an official translator ii) prepares the Memorandum and Articles of Association (in Vietnamese) and iii) emails our Client’s shareholder the same for review and approval. 1 Nov
8. The Vietnam embassy in India approves the visitor visas for three Indian staff who can visit Vietnam to conduct market research and recruit staff. 2 Nov
9. Healy Consultants Incorporation Team submits to the Government a quality complete LLC incorporation application. To speed up government approval; 3 Nov
10. Healy Consultants assists our Client with the opening of its corporate capital account, required to transfer funds in and out of Vietnam. 4 Nov
11. Our Client starts the hiring process for its local staff, including an in-house accounting team of employees. 10 Nov
12. Our Client signs a premises lease agreement. 15 Nov
13. Our Client receives approval for the opening of a capital account and is now able to transfer funds for government-approved investment projects. 7 Dec
14. Our Client buys back 99% of the initial share capital of the joint venture partner and submits an application to Ministry of Information and Communications to amend the company’s business licenses to have our Client’s name and the increase of share capital to US$50,000 on the license. 10 Dec
15. Healy Consultants receives approval for the inclusion of our Client name on the company’s advertising license. Upon amending the business license, our Client is to apply immediately for a Foreign Investment Certificate. 15 Dec
16. Healy Consultants applies i) for a seal making license from the HCMC Police Department ii) a tax registration and tax code at the HCMC Taxation office and iii) pays the annual license tax for the company. 15 Dec
17. The Vietnam subsidiary of our Client can legally employ its local staff. 15 Dec
18. Healy Consultants applies to the Department of Planning and Investment for a Foreign Investment Certificate in advertisement on behalf of our Client. 16 Dec
19. Healy Consultants applies for a corporate bank account in Vietnam with the same bank where the capital account has already been opened. 17 Dec
20. Healy Consultants receives approval our Client’s website registration. 1 Feb
21. Healy Consultants receives approval for the Foreign Investment Certificate . 1 March

Healy Consultants obtains approval for the corporate bank account and then assists our Client with activating ibanking facilities.

The Vietnam subsidiary of our Client can invoice its first Vietnamese costumer.

1 March
23. Healy Consultants assists the Vietnam subsidiary of our Client director with applying for a Vietnamese residency card and work visa, which will be approved within approximately three months after application. 2 March
24. Healy Consultants receives approval of the tax registration from the Ho Chi Minh City Taxation Department. 8 March
25. Healy Consultants publishes an incorporation announcement in public newspapers in Vietnam. 16 March
26. Our Client proceeds to transfer the share capital (US$50,000) no later than 6 months after incorporation of the Vietnam subsidiary of our Client. 30 March
27. The Vietnam subsidiary of our Client is fully incorporated and Healy Consultants successfully completes the engagement. 30 March
28. The Vietnam Government approves the Vietnam subsidiary of our Client’s Legal Representative residency card and work visa. 1 June