Ireland company secretarial service in 2023

In accordance with the Irish Companies Act 2014, all local companies must appoint 1 secretary, who will fulfil certain legal compliances on the company’s behalf with the Irish Registrar. Healy Consultants Group is an experienced company secretarial services provider and will be pleased to assist all Clients fulfil this statutory obligation. For more information about our services, please refer to the points below:

  • Changes in Corporate Structure

    • As the company secretary, Healy Consultants Group will assist with i) adding or removing directors/shareholders and ii) modifying the existing shareholding by issuing new shares or effecting share transfer;
    • Our Irish company secretarial team will i) prepare the documents for director & shareholder signature and ii) file/courier the forms with/to the Registrar. For instance, to change the company director, we will i) modify the director details on the Registrar website and ii) thereafter, courier the signed Form B10;
    • Please note the share transfer can only be completed when filing the annual return with the Registrar.
  • Changes in Memorandum of Association

    • Some companies may wish to modify their Memorandum of Association for different reasons including i) increasing the authorized share capital ii) changing the company objectives and iii) increasing/decreasing responsibilities of the officers;
    • For this purpose, our team will i) prepare new drafts of the company constitution ii) get them approved and signed by the Clients (along with the resolutions) and iii) file/courier the necessary forms with/to the Registrar
  • Preparation of Annual Returns

    • All Irish companies must file an annual return with the Companies Register. For this purpose, we will i) complete Form B1 online and ii) send the signature page to the Client. Thereafter, will courier the latter document to the registrar;
    • Additionally, if requested, Healy Consultants Group will also file annual financial statements and tax returns for our Client’s company. This will be covered under our accounting and tax service, information about which can be found on this page
  • Miscellaneous Services

    Apart from the aforementioned services, we will also assist with i) changing the company name ii) registration of separate trading name and iii) company de-registration. In these cases, we will i) prepare the necessary applications and resolutions ii) get them signed by the Client and iii) file them with the registrar.

Company restoration services

Healy Consultants Group offers our Clients fast and efficient solutions to restore your struck off company to the Companies Register. Depending on the lapsed period from the date of the dissolution of the company, our experts will either submit a restoration application through the High Court or through the Registrar of Companies at the Companies Registration Office (CRO).

  • Restoration within 12 months

    • Where a Client’s company is struck off the register pursuant to i) section 12A of the Companies (Amendment) Act, 1982, also known as a “Revenue Strike-Off” or ii) section 311 of the Companies (Amendment) Act, 1968, also known as a “CRO Strike-Off”, the company can submit an application to be restored to the Register within 12 months from the dissolution date;
    • The company must i) file all outstanding returns and statements ii) obtain a confirmation letter from the Revenue Commissioner confirming the same and iii) submit all audited financial accounts to the Companies Registration Office (CRO);
    • If the CRO is satisfied and grants an approval for restoration, the company will be deemed to have been continually in existence without a strike off.
  • Restoration after 12 months

    • In the case of a company that has been struck off in excess of 12 months but not more than 20 years, a restoration application must be submitted through the High Court. If approved, i) the High Court then issues a Restoration Order to be submitted to the CRO within 3 months and ii) the CRO then publishes the Notice of Restoration on the official gazette of the Government of Ireland, Iris Ifigiuil, thereby reinstating the company;
    • To be eligible for reinstatement, the company must i) submit any outstanding returns and financial statements ii) obtain a letter of no objection from the CRO’s Enforcement Section and from the Chief State Solicitor’s Office clearing the company for possible restoration and iii) submit a petition to the High Court for reinstatement.

Ireland employment permits

  • Types of Irish employment visas

    Ireland as part of the EEA (European Economic Area) allows the migration and recruitment of all EEA nationals (except Romania and Bulgaria) without requiring an Employment Permit. Non-nationals of the EEA are required to obtain any of the following employment permits from the Department of Business, Enterprise & Innovation (DBEI):
    business visa application in Ireland

    1. General: All holders are entitled to a broad range of occupations including highly skilled jobs except those categories listed as ineligible and are strictly reserved for Irish nationals. To be eligible for a General Employment Permit, the applicant must receive a fixed salary of at least €30,000 per annum;
    2. Critical Skills Employment Permit: This permit is mainly for engineers, scientists and professionals that fall under the high skill occupations;
    3. Contract for services: employees of a foreign based contractor are sponsored by the Irish company under this permit to be able to work in Ireland for the duration of a specific contract. Eligible applicants must receive an annual salary equivalent of €40,000 and must have been employed with the contractor for at least 6 months;
    4. Intra company transfer: Directed to non-EEA staff within a group of companies that require relocating temporarily to Ireland to perform their duties while being directly employed by an overseas subsidiary or parent company;
    5. Employment Permit for Dependant, Partner or Spouse: only the dependants, recognized partners and spouses of Critical Skills Employment Permit holders are eligible to apply for this permit to legally work in Ireland;
    6. Other types of permits include the Internship EP for students enrolled in high skilled occupations seeking work experience and the Sport and Cultural EP for highly qualified or experienced professionals in specific sports and entertainment industries.
  • Steps to secure an employment and residence visa

    • Once the candidate has secured a job offer from an Irish company, the Employment Permit application can be submitted directly by the applicant via the DJEI website;
    • If required, Healy Consultants Group will assist our Clients secure employment permits including i) preparing the application forms and reviewing the due diligence documentation ii) submitting the online application on behalf of our Client iii) negotiating with the DJEI officers and submitting an appeal if the application was rejected;
    • After obtaining an Employment Permit, if our Client requires an entry visa to Ireland, Healy Consultants Group will be assist our clients submit a quality application to the Irish Naturalisation and Immigration Service (INIS). Our fees to assist secure Irish employment and residence visa amount to €3,950 for the first applicant, €2,950 for the second applicant and €1,950 per applicant thereafter.

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