Deciding to drop it

  • Getting ready for the release

    Find a quiet place to sit or lay down

    Allow myself to just be for a minute

    Just surrender to what is

    Notice my thoughts, watch them for a while

    Without judgement, fully allow my thoughts to come and go as they do

    Notice my body, watch the different body sensations I have

    Without judgement, fully allow the body sensations to be as they are

    Welcome and allow all thoughts and emotions

    It is ok for me to have these thoughts and feelings and body sensations

  • The releasing steps

    Give myself permission to be with a feeling or feelings

    In this moment as best I can, just drop this like a pen

    Repeat the above steps until I feel complete and light and free

  • Helpful tips

    If it helps, open and close my fists as I drop the emotion

    Closing my eyes helps me notice thoughts and feelings

    Give myself permission to be open to the exercise helping me

    Let go of expectations I have about the exercise getting rid of my problem

    Allow the release to happen when it does

    Avoid labelling thoughts and emotions and body sensations

    If just dropping the emotion is not working for me, I can add

    Could I just drop the feeling?

    Would I just drop the feeling?


  • Remember

    Be kind to myself and don’t push for results

    Remember feelings come and go, they are not attached to me

    My feelings are not who I am

    I give feelings the power to control me

    I have the power to choose when I am ready to let go of this feeling

    I am that which existed before this body mind and that which exists after this body mind is gone

    Release to let go of the emotion, not to let go of the person, place or thing

    Just like dropping a pen, it is just a choice to love a person, to grant them the right to be who they are

  • After the release

    Allow myself to rest with and enjoy the remaining thoughts and feelings

    When I feel I have mastered this releasing method, I can do this release with my eyes open; and

    I can also do this release on the move

    I can also do the release in a noisy place

    I can also do this release with other people

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