Annual Singaporean accounting & audit & tax obligations in 2024

To help our multi-national Clients’ accurately and completely understand their annual Singaporean statutory obligations, our in-house Accounting and Tax Department prepared this web page. The table below outlines in great detail a checklist of how Healy Consultants Group Staff will help your Singaporean LLC to timely accurately and completely discharge your annual legal, accounting and audit and tax obligations; including our respective fees:

No. Professional services US$
1. Preparation of abridged financial statements (a 15-page annual report) including:

2. For our Client’s Singaporean tax-resident entity, our in-house Accounting and Tax Department will help:

3. When it is a statutory requirement to prepare annual audited financial statements, Healy Consultants Group will project manage the independent statutory annual audit including:

  • Appoint an independent local quality Audit Firm and aggressively and skillfully negotiate audit terms and conditions, including audit fees and time-lines; and
  • Negotiating (with the auditors) the supporting documentation required from your Firm; and
  • Collating the statutory documentation for your one-time e-signature; and
  • Securing a clean audit report for our Client;
  • Legally minimize local and international corporation tax including withholding tax;
  • Calculating the corporation tax liability after i) applying for tax incentives and ii) maximizing reliefs and iii) using allowances and iv) securing legal tax exemption for foreign sourced income and v) evaluating holding company benefits and vi) utilising foreign tax credits and vii) unutilised losses and viii) pre-incorporation expenses and ix) so on;
  • Preparing an accurate and complete i) corporate tax return and ii) tax computation and iii) tailored cover letter to the the Government tax authority, explaining annual net profits and the corporation tax liability;
  • Aggressively and skillfully negotiating written inquiries and phone-calls from the Tax Authorities (post tax return submission), justifying annual net profits and losses;
  • Applying for refunds (where possible);
Estimate of total annual accounting & tax & audit fees for a Singaporean tax resident company 7,750