How Healy Consultants supervises international accountants in 2024

In some complex countries, it is necessary to engage the professional services of local accountants and tax advisers. Together with our in-house Accounting and Tax Department, Healy Consultants Group engineers simple, practical low-cost solutions for our multi-national Clients’.

Our Staff supervises independent country accountants and tax advisers including:

  • Conducting detailed due diligence on shortlisted international accounting firms including i) experience ii) independent third-party reviews and iii) legal check of individuals working in the firm.
  • On behalf of our multinational Clients, my team and I will aggressively and skillfully negotiate with our preferred accounting firm i) the lowest fees possible ii) strategies to fast-track deliverables iii) better quality and accuracy of filings iv) additional professional services if required.
  • Simultaneously securing a quality back-up accounting firm to mitigate the risk of our first-choice firm producing low quality deliverables.
  • Requesting selected accounting firm to review and sign off a detailed project plan, i) mapping every expected engagement milestone and ii) planning for both potential challenges and their solutions.
  • Agreeing a detailed work scope so each party is aware of their obligations.
  • Reviewing the deliverables by our in-house accounting team.
  • When required, engaging a back-up firm to offer a third-party opinion.
  • Attending weekly calls with our preferred accounting firm to ensure our Clients’ renewals are advancing in line with initially agreed timelines.
  • Being aware of any new standards and regulations (for example new filing requirements or changes to existing filing mechanisms) which may impact our Clients’ renewal process.
  • Working with our chosen international accounting partner to negotiate and secure i) filing deadline extensions ii) improved terms and conditions or iii) penalty waivers from local tax authorities.
  • Leveraging the skills and knowledge of our in-house experts to critically review the deliverables supplied by our chosen international accounting firm, before they are submitted to our Client.
  • Collecting feedback, following engagement completion, on how to improve co-operation between Healy Consultants Group, our Client and the international accountant.


Together with our international network of lawyers and accountants, Healy Consultants Group helps our multinational Clients’ with accounting and tax strategies in every country on the planet.