Qatar engineering company

Qatar engineering company

Qatari engineering company registration Because of the FIFA World Cup of 2022, Qatar is transforming into a world class sports and tourism infrastructure hub. Estimates of government infrastructure expenditure over the coming decade approximates US$150 billion. Consequently, Qatar is a mecca for foreign engineering firms.

Foreign investors interested in Qatar company formation can establish a wholly foreign owned branch entity in Qatar to conduct engineering activities, including engineering consultancy. An international engineering consultancy office does not require a Qatari partner and is not divided into different classes.

Criteria for foreign branch office

  1. A Qatar engineering and construction company may register an international office in Qatar as a branch. The main office abroad must be licensed to provide engineering consultancy services and must have been continuously active in the engineering sector for at least 10 years;
  2. All of the engineers working for the local or international engineering consultancy office must be registered before the Qatar Engineering Committee and hold a Qatari engineering practice license;
  3. The parent company must give an undertaking to support the branch office and be responsible for all the obligations of the branch office including professional liability;
  4. The branch will apply for a license to practice the proposed profession. The license is issued by the Engineering Acceptance Committee at the Urban Planning and Development Authority.

Engineering consultancy office activities

  1. A Qatar engineering consulting firm engages in i) preparing architectural and constructional drawings, diagrams, and designs ii) surveying and diagramming iii) supervising performance iv) giving advice v) conducting feasibility studies vi) estimating costs and computing quantities vii) managing projects in the various engineering professions;
  2. If a foreign firm cannot meet these requirements, the Engineering Law recommends forming a 49% joint venture with a Qatari partner;
  3. The local engineering consultancy office is divided into three classes. For each class, the Engineering Law provides special requirements, in particular regarding the minimum number of engineers involved and the scope and value of projects to be conducted.


  1. The establishment of a local or an international engineering consultancy office in Qatar is governed by the Engineering Law (Law 19 of 2005);
  2. It is important to note that the Engineering Law is not just concerned with engineers. It defines ‘Engineering Professions’ including i) Civil and Architectural Engineering ii) Mechanical Engineering and Electrical Engineering iii) Chemical and Petroleum and Gas Engineering iv) Quantity Calculation and Cost Estimation v) Project Management vi) Industrial Engineering vii) Security and Safety Engineering viii) Communications Engineering.

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