Healy Consultants Group fees and discounts

Managing Director Healy Consultants

Aidan Healy

Compared to some of our competitors, we know our fees are high. For transparency purposes, our business website publishes all fees. Before an engagement begins, our Clients’ know i) total business set up costs and ii) the total engagement period and iii) annual renewal fees thereafter. Healy Consultants Group guarantees results or your money back.

Our multi-national Clients’ pay us for certainty and for our high professional standards of customer service and communication. We do not offer discounts to Clients’ and our published fees are not open to negotiation. Instead, we can promise you the following:

Our promise to your Firm Example
  • As outlined in the notes of every sales invoice on our business web site, if Healy Consultants completes your engagement faster than expected and easier than expected, our Staff will be happy to refund some fees to our Client. Refer to embedded adobe pdf file to view a recent example of an engagement refund to a UK Client; and
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  • During your engagement, my team and I promise to be alert for opportunities to minimize third party costs including i) lawyers and accountants fees and ii) independent statutory auditors fees and iii) Government fees and iv) translation and certification costs. On your behalf, my team and I will aggressively and skillfully negotiate third-party fees; and copy you in those emails; Refer to embedded adobe pdf file to view a recent example of a recent cost saving for our USA Client; and
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  • For transparency purposes, all third-party fee payments will be supported by original receipts and invoices. Examples of possible third-party costs include i) bank account opening fees ii) embassy fees and notary public costs iii) official translator and courier charges and iv) Government levies. Refer to embedded adobe pdf file to view a recent example of a recent Government; and
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  • We allow our Clients' to pay engagement fees by instalments. To assist our Clients to minimize bank fees on international funds transfers, our multi-national Clients' can pay our fees via i) crypto-currency or ii) via PayPal or Stripe or iii) by credit card. To minimize foreign exchange costs, we can receive funds in SG$ or € or £ or US$ or A$;
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Engagement timelines are transparently outlined in the form of a detailed engagement project plan, describing each i) engagement step and quality deliverable and ii) potential challenges and solutions. Your engagement will be project managed by a Staff member that speaks your language and is close to your time-zone;

Without your personal travel, Healy Consultants will complete your business set up engagement. Under one roof, my team and I will project manage the A to Z of global business set up;


Our multi-national Clients’ pay us for quality professional services. In our weekly email updates, we supply our multi-national Clients’ with simple, practical solutions to every problem. Consequently, you can focus on your main business without the need to supervise us.