Gold bullion account in 2024

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Healy Consultants assists investors to open a gold bullion account with leading banks in the region. Gold bullion is a popular investment option in times of economic downturn as it is seen as more stable & safe as opposed to other more volatile investment classes. Following are some key points about gold bullion and the services provided by Healy Consultants:

  1. The price of gold bullion is primarily determined by factors of demand and supply. Because reserve banks around the world hold a large portion of gold bullion, activity by banks can impact the price of gold. The price of gold is currently over US$1,170 per ounce (as at May 6);
  2. Gold is traded continuously around the world based on spot prices. The London gold fixing procedure is a commonly used benchmark for gold. A meeting between five bullion trading firms of the London bullion market is held twice per day;
  3. Investing in gold presents different options, including: i) buying stocks in a gold mining company, ii) buying gold coins, iii) buying gold bars. Buying gold bullion, whether coins or bars, is tangible and liquid. Buying gold bullion as coins, or small bars, can make it easier and less time-consuming when the time comes to sell as these are more tradable than the same weight in one large bar;
  4. Two main types of gold accounts from banks are:
    • Allocated account – This is a secure method of investing in physical gold. The investor is allocated the relevant amount based on weight and purity and the gold is stored in a safe. The investor has total ownership and control of the gold allocated to them;
    • Unallocated account – This type of account does not allocate a physical holding of gold to the investor. The investor does not have any storage charges, but as the bank has the right to lease their gold assets, the investor can be exposed to some risk.
  5. While gold bullion accounts usually require large investments (1000 ounces or more), there are options for making smaller investments in gold. Gold accumulation plans (GAPs) are one example and involve allocating a designated amount of money into a GAP each month. The investors gold asset then accumulates over time;
  6. The benefits of investing in precious metals, such as gold bullion, include:
    • Gold has a reputation for maintaining its value;
    • Gold is seen as a safe investment and so in times of stock market uncertainty, investors often turn to gold;
    • The demand for gold is consistent, hence contributing to its security;
    • Because investing in gold has different characteristics to the stock market, and other asset classes, it adds diversity to an investors portfolio;
    • Many people like investing in gold as it a physical item and a symbol of luxury;
    • While gold bullions’ accounts are a popular asset for investors, they are also a popular scam on the internet: kindly refer to this page and this CNBC article for further information.

Healy Consultants fees to set up a gold bullion account

For a total of US$4,950, Healy Consultants will handle your gold bullion account application from start to finish, and there will be no additional costs. The time from initial application to having the gold bullion account operating is approximately three weeks.

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