Statutory obligations in 2024

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I would be grateful if you complete this 5 minute questionnaire, to help my in-house Accounting and Tax Department to accurately and completely identify your monthly & quarterly & annual Government reporting obligations.

This questionnaire will help my Firm identify local and international statutory obligations applicable to your business including i) sales taxes and ii) employer and employees obligations and iii) withholding tax on overseas payments and iv) personal income tax on directors fees and v) government license fees vi) and so on;

As always, Healy Consultants Group will help our Client to identify:

  • Legal exemptions from multiple statutory obligations including i) escape an independent statutory annual audit and ii) exception from submitting annual corporation tax returns and iii) avoid the requirement to prepare consolidated financial statements and iv) unnecessary Annual General Meeting documents;
  • Government incentives including i) zero rated sales and sales tax refunds and ii) double taxation treaty benefits and iii) long term tax payment plans and iv) subsidised loans and v) Research & Development deductions and vi) Staff training grants and vii) overseas expansion grants and viii) exports grants and ix) import tax exemptions and x) so on;
  • Monthly & quarterly Government reporting including i) sales tax payments and ii) payroll and social contributions and iii) withholding tax payments and iv) advance corporation tax payments;

      • Complete monthly & quarterly & annual Government reporting obligations questionnaire

        All questions in the form below are compulsory. Please indicate N/A if a question is irrelevant to you.

        During the latest accounting period

      • Monthly & quarterly Government reporting

      • Tax resident status

      • Withholding tax considerations

      • Disclosures in the financial statements

      • Global statutory reporting obligations

      • In every country on the planet, the company directors are responsible for timely accurately and completely discharging their legal & accounting & tax statutory obligations including i) the accuracy and completeness of the annual financial statements and ii) maintaining proper records and iii) quality complete reporting to the Government tax authority;

      • Over the coming weeks, I would be grateful if your Firm supply quality complete information to our in-house Accounting and Tax Department; to enable my Staff to timely accurately and completely discharge your company monthly & quarterly & annual legal, accounting and tax obligations. Consequently, eliminating the risk of i) a breach of local company law and ii) Government fines and penalties and iii) a court summons and iv)tax audits.

      • General information

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    For additional information on our Company statutory services, please contact our in-house country expert, Mr. Nik Zhukov, directly:
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