Vintage shelf companies in 2023

Healy Consultants Group PLC offers quality ready-made shelf company solutions to our Clients. Our experts will guide you through the entire process of purchasing a ready-made company, including i) confirming quality companies with good standing; ii) providing the due diligence and valuations; and iii) liaising with accountants, brokers and other third parties to timely complete the sale and purchase process.

The table below lists the historic companies that have been registered several years ago and have had no trading activity since their incorporation. All entities are in good standing through maintenance of accounts, filing of tax returns and reinstatement.

List of Vintage shelf / ready made companies

Country Vintage shelf company name Year of incorporation Estimated price*
UK Jet Filters Limited 1932 £49,000
UK Harris & Sheldon 123 Limited 1957 £49,000
UK Harris & Sheldon Developments Limited 1973 £49,000
UK Powerful concepts ltd 1990 £45,600
Germany GM/GB2 1992 €37,750
Germany GM/GB5 1994 €37,750
Luxembourg LUX COMMODITIES S.A. 1995 €75,000
Cyprus OLD CY COMPANY 1997 Request a proposal
Germany GM/GB3 2001 €37,750
Germany GM/GB6 2001 €37,750
BVI Name available on request 2003 TBA
New Zealand Sea Dog Limited 2003 US$31,950
UK Name available on request 2003 €19,200
UK Name available on request 2003 €19,200
UK Name available on request 2003 €19,200
UK Storegain limited 2004 £32,950
Nevada Enviro NRG LLC 2005 US$31,950
Vanuatu Brightman Development Consulting Limited 2005 US$22,500
Belize Axtell enterprises inc. 2005 US$31,950
Belize Oradell group ldc 2005 US$39,500
UK Whirlclass limited 2005 US$31,950
UK Cavetone limited 2005 US$31,950
UK Name available on request 2005 €17,500
UK Name available on request 2005 €17,500
UK Name available on request 2005 €17,500
Estonia ES/CC1 2006 €26,950
Germany GM/GB1 2006 €29,950
Costa Rica Arano International SA 2006 US$31,720
Panama Custopia SA 2006 US$31,720
Vanuatu Indian Castle Limited 2006 US$29,720
Delaware Gleason development services, llc 2006 US$31,950
Nevada Swaine investments inc. (nr) 2006 US$31,950
Nevada Parada equities llc (nr) 2006 US$31,950
Australia Any Room Service Limited 2007 AUS$35,930
Cyprus OLD CY COMPANY 2007 Request a proposal
Panama Toro Capital SA 2007 US$31,950
New York PPK International LLC 2007 US$31,950
New York Vilunimo LLC 2007 US$31,950
New York MBB International, LLC 2007 US$31,950
Oregon Gamma Venture Capital LLC 2007 US$31,950
Oregon Hanuman Capital, LLC 2007 US$31,950
Oregon Future Development Venture Capital, LLC 2007 US$31,950
Vanuatu HR Registrar Ltd 2007 US$28,300
UK Name available on request 2007 €14,950
Bulgaria PV SYSTEMS 2008 €27,950
Hong Kong Rich Bright Develop Limited 2008 US$27,500
Hong Kong Mega Source Develop Limited 2008 US$27,500
Hong Kong Joint Fortune Develop Limited 2008 US$27,500
Florida Absolute Estate LLC 2008 US$29,300
Hong Kong World Tone International Trading Limited 2009 US$27,500
Hong Kong Ipec Limited 2009 US$27,500
Hong Kong Singapore Limited 2009 US$27,500
New Zealand Domino Worldwide Limited 2009 US$29,500
UK One step to business limited 2009 £27,600
Slovakia Acamus, s.r.o. 2009 €28,100
Slovakia Daliya, s.r.o. 2009 €28,100
Slovakia Nallino, s.r.o. 2009 €28,100
New Zealand N/A 2009 US$29,500
Estonia ES/CC2 2010 €28,100
Estonia ES/CC4 2010 €28,100
France FR/ES1 2010 €33,600
France FR/ES3 2010 €33,600
UK Plantprop limited 2010 £27,600
Slovakia 7th heaven, s.r.o. 2010 €27,800
Italy N/A 2011 €29,950
Italy N/A 2011 €29,950
Estonia ES/CC3 2011 €27,800
UK Breakenbake limited 2011 £27,600
Anguilla Taiwan management services ltd 2012 US$24,700
Anguilla Avalon services limited 2012 US$24,700
Anguilla Canton (hong kong) limited 2012 US$24,700
Anguilla Latin america promotions ltd 2012 US$24,700
Bulgaria Office Partner 2012 €15,950
Cyprus LLC N/A 2012 €22,950
Delaware (USA) Fedo Properties LLC 2012 US$28,700
Dominica Deansgate Corporation 2012 US$27,120
Panama EXPRESS CON S.A. 2012 US$26,500
UK Allburn limited 2012 £27,950
Bulgaria Access Management International 2013 €18,950
Cyprus OLD CY COMPANY 2013 Request a proposal
Marshall Islands GREEN ARROW HOLDINGS LTD 2013 €20,950
Panama ETCOM INVESTMENTS INC. 2013 US$26,500
UK Magicmoose limited 2013 £27,950
Slovakia Belisa slovakia, s.r.o. 2013 €24,500
Slovakia Larisa s.r.o. 2013 €24,500
Belgium Name under request 2014 €19,500
Uruguay Orpuly S.A. 2014 US$27,535
Uruguay Iltery S.A. 2014 US$27,535
Uruguay Moswar Investment S.A. 2014 US$27,535
USA Haha Generation Corp. 2014 US$180,000
Germany C.G.G Gmbh
Registered for VAT
2016 €32,000
India MDI Enterprises 2016 US$27,500
Delaware Money Tree Capital LLC 2017 US$17,650
India Adrotech Automation Private Limited 2017 US$27,500
South Africa Weezit (Pty) Ltd 2017 US$17,650
South Africa Woodstands (Pty) Ltd 2017 US$17,650
South Africa Lorato Holdings (Pty) Ltd 2017 US$17,650
South Africa Eulesis (Pty) Ltd 2017 US$17,650
Bulgaria AAI Logics Ltd. 2018 €15,950
Bulgaria B.I.R. REALITY Ltd. 2018 €15,950
Bulgaria CAMEL BAY Ltd. 2018 €15,950
Bulgaria USEIN POWER Ltd 2018 €15,950
Israel GRG O&M LTD 2018 US$27,800
Karachi Waltz Automotive (Private) Limited 2018 US$29,350
Hong Kong Onlita technology Limited 2021 TBA

*estimated prices mentioned include i) purchase of a vintage/aged shelf company free of any liabilities and all government obligations paid to date ii) corporate structure changes including change transfer of shares and appointment of new director(s) and iii) appointment of new bank signatory (if applicable).

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