Purchasing an existing company

Some of our clients require Healy Consultants to project manage the purchase of an already existing company.

Why purchase an existing company?

  1. To conduct a regulated business in a jurisdiction where securing a license is a tedious and lengthy exercise;
  2. book global sales through an aged company that looks good to customers, and suppliers;
  3. take over a competitor’s business to expand operations in a new market;
  4. close a deal, sign contracts and issue invoices immediately, without the need to wait for company registration.

Engagement steps

  1. Our Client settles Healy Consultants fees in instalments: the initial payment will be a a retainer fee of US$4,000;
  2. You sign Healy Consultants Group PLC engagement letter;
  3. Our Client supplies us the required Know Your Customer due diligence;
  4. Within 1 week Healy Consultants reverts with a comparison table of company options;
  5. Our Client agrees the target company with Healy Consultants;
  6. Our Client settles a further retainer fee of US$3,000 with Healy Consultants Group PLC;
  7. Healy Consultants completes our due diligence of the target company;
  8. We review historic audited financial statements and bank statements;
  9. We complete background checks of shareholders, directors and key management;
  10. We secure reference letters from lawyers and accountants;
  11. We complete other detailed due diligence procedures of target company;
  12. If our Client is satisfied, our Client will transfer the remaining engagement fees to Healy Consultants;
  13. Healy Consultants will further negotiate and agree the final sale price with seller;
  14. Healy Consultants drafts a detailed project plan outlining the remaining engagement deliverables and timelines;
  15. Our Client settles 50% of the purchase price with the seller;
  16. Healy Consultants Group PLC spends the next 2 months to re-engineer the corporate structure including appointing our client’s preferred shareholders and directors and bank signatory;
  17. Our Client settles the remaining 50% of sale proceeds with the seller;
  18. Our Client provides Aidan Healy online feedback (click link);
  19. Our Client considers putting a testimonial on our web site (click link)
  20. If required Healy Consultants will provide additional services including: ongoing tax advisory, international multi-currency corporate bank account opening, merchant account, secure trade finance, assist secure additional regulatory license(s);

Contact us

For additional information on our buying/selling company services, please contact our in-house country expert, Mr. Kunal Fabiani, directly:
client relationship officer - Kunal