Resident director and shareholder services in 2024

While a wholly foreign owned entity can be registered in Thailand, it is difficult and time consuming to secure the Foreign Business License (FBL) from the Thailand Government;

Moreover, majority foreign owned entities in Thailand are restricted from doing business in several sectors, therefore, majority of our Clients are required to appoint a Thai national shareholder;

When our Clients are unable to appoint a national shareholder of their own, Healy Consultants Group provides nominee services for professional passive national directors and shareholders in Thailand.

  • Who requires a national resident shareholder?

    1. Most of our Clients require Healy Consultants Group to supply a professional passive nominee Thai national shareholder because:
      • It is challenging to secure a Foreign Business License (FBL) from the Thailand Government; that will allow our Clients hold 100% of their company’s shares;
      • majority foreign owned entities in Thailand are restricted from doing business in several sectors;
    2. Our Global Clients can enjoy Amity Treaty benefits when American citizens hold a majority of the company shares and directorships. Therefore, some of our Clients request a passive nominee US citizen from Healy Consultants Group instead. Refer to this webpage for detailed information re this type of entity;
    3. If our Clients face difficulties to find a Thailand national or US citizen director or shareholder, Healy Consultants offers professional, passive professional nominee resident services. Our annual service fee is US$3,850 per Thai nominee shareholder appointed and US$8,750 per nominee US citizen appointed. Our professional passive nominees are not involved in daily business activities nor be appointed as bank signatory for the corporate bank account, hence ensuring our Client’s interest are protected;
    4. To know our fees for nominee services in other countries, visit this webpage
  • When is a USA citizen nominee required?

    1. Those clients that are uncomfortable appointing national Thai shareholders, may choose to appoint US citizens instead;
    2. Fortunately, the US Thailand Amity Treaty allows businesses majority owned by US shareholders and managed by a majority of US directors to operate in most industries with same requirements applying to a local company;
    3. Foreign directors (if any) will only be allowed to sign jointly with USA directors. A company registered in the United States by owned by non US beneficial owners does not count as a USA company under the Thai USA Amity Treaty;
    4. Kindly refer to this webpage on the Amity Treaty LLC to see detailed information about the same;
  • Who requires a resident director?

    1. Although it is not mandatory, the Thailand Foreign Business Act, recommends that each Thailand Company appoints at least one individual Thailand resident director of any nationality.
      Unfortunately, administrative interactions with the Thai Government or Public institutions still require a Thai resident director to visit and sign documentation in person; For example, when our Clients set up a telephone line or activates water and electricity for office premises.
    2. If required, Healy Consultants will be pleased to provide your firm with a professional nominee resident director in Thailand. Our fee amounts to US$9,870 per annum. Most of our Clients appoints a foreign director with a working visa after the first year;
    3. If required, Healy Consultants will secure a Thai employment visa for our Client’s preferred foreign employee. Our service fees to secure each employment visa is US$2,950 for the first employee, US$1,950 for the second employee, US$950 for employee thereafter. Our Client’s should note that before applying for visas for foreign staff, they need to hire local employees. The ratio is 2 Thai employees for every USA citizen employee; and 4 Thai employees for every other nationality employee hired;
    4. Healy Consultants does not normally allow Clients to pay Singapore resident director fees by instalments. We normally require full payment up front for the year. However, we may consider half-yearly payments for companies in good standing.
  • What are the benefits of our nominees?

    1. Healy Consultants’ passive professional nominee directors and shareholders are not involved in daily business activities nor bank accounts of our clients, and there will be a signed legal service agreement outlining terms and provisions of the nominee services;
    2. Having a quality nominee director from Healy Consultants increases the probability of i) timely corporate bank account approval; ii) employee visa approvals and iii) Government licenses approvals;
    3. Before appointing the nominee director or shareholder, Healy Consultants will provide our Clients with detailed due diligence information about each nominee. Kindly refer to this webpage for further information about our nominees;
    4. Healy Consultants boasts more than two decades of successfully providing nominee services in multiple countries. During this period, our professional services were used by a wide range of Clients. If you need references, feel free to contact one or several of our previous Clients.

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