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  • Clients wishing to open a company in Hong Kong may find that costs of living in the city can be higher than those in some of the western countries. Families, especially, may find the cost of housing and schooling to be high in comparison to their home countries. 
  • HK visa applications require extensive supporting documentation; as a result, migration to the city can be an expensive process. Hence, moving to the city requires detailed research and engaging the assistance of a corporate services firm can be valuable;
  • In addition to our Hong Kong company formation services, we also assist our Clients obtain employment and residence visas from the Immigration Department . We are proud to say that our approval rate is still 100%.
  • Healy Consultants’ fees to assist our Client obtain a work permit is US$7,950;

The two important visa schemes associated with business formation in HK are:

Entrepreneur visa

  • The ‘Entry for Investment’ visa is an employment pass best suited for foreigners who wish to work in HK;
  • Employment as professionals in HK requires applicants to be well educated and have work experience. Employment pass applications are more likely to be successful if the foreign entrepreneurs can show their investment can enhance the economy;
  • Certain nationalities are not eligible for an investment visa. Citizens from Afghanistan, Albania, Cambodia, Cuba, Laos, North Korea, Nepal, and Vietnam are unable to self-employed in the city.
  • Also, citizens of mainland China cannot be self-employed unless they are permanent residents of another country or have been living abroad for at least one year;
  • A successful ‘Entry for investment’ application requires the following:
    • Application submitted by the sponsoring company;
    • Proof of academic qualifications and relevant working experience;
    • Investment plan including details of proposed business activities and monetary amounts for two years;
    • Copy of Hong Kong company formation and other particulars (e.g. IRD registration certificate);
    • Copy of applicant’s passport and payment of fees.
  • The approval process takes around four weeks and the visa granted will be valid for a 1-year period. The visa may be extended, on the condition that the eligibility criteria for entry is still being met. Extensions will likely follow the 2-2-3 years pattern.

Employee visas

Employment as a Professional visa is an employment pass best suited for individuals who wish to work in HK as an employee. The employment visa is split into three categories dependent on the nationality and education of the applicant:

  • Immigration Arrangements for Non-local Graduates “IANG”
    Non-local graduates refer to individuals who completed full-time studies (Diploma, Degree, Qualification) in recognized HK institutions. Fresh graduates, i.e. applying within 6 months of graduation, are not required to have secured employment prior to applying for this employment pass. Returning graduates, i.e. applying over 6 months post-graduation, must secure employment prior to applying for a work permit.
  • General Employment Policy “GEP”
    This employment pass applies to individuals who are not non-local graduates but are educated, skilled, or have experience which will add-value to HK. The applicant’s education or work experience should be related to the field of employment and there should be a genuine job vacancy with a market value remuneration package.
  • Admission Scheme for Mainland Talents and Professionals “ASMTP”
    This employment pass is specific to mainland Chinese, except those that have been living outside of China for over a year and are eligible for the GEP. Applicants must be educated, skilled or have work experience in a field which will add-value to the economy. Similarly, there should be a real job vacancy and the remuneration package should be around market value. There are no quotas or sector-specific requirements under this scheme.
  • A successful employee visa application requires the following from an applicant:
    • Visa application submitted by the individual;
    • Copy of the employment contract/letter of appointment printed on company letterhead and detailing the position, salary, fringe benefits, and employment periods;
    • Copy of applicant’s passport and payment of fees;
    • Copy of graduation certificate or a transcript of academic records from the degree awarding institution and any relevant work experience;
    • Application for Employing Professionals submitted by the employing company;
    • Proof of business formation in Hong Kong;
    • Copy of the latest audited financial report of the employing company;
    • Documents detailing the background of the employing company, including business activities and mode of operation, amongst other things;
    • Letter of consent from applicant’s present working unit.
  • The approval process takes around four weeks and the visa is valid for a 1-year period. The visa may be extended, on the condition that the eligibility criteria for entry is still being met. Extensions will likely follow the 2-2-3 years pattern.

Migrate to Hong Kong

HK business migration services If you and your family want to live and work in HK following company formation, you will probably need help with the relevant and necessary documentation prior to your arrival, as well as some assistance with settling in to your new surroundings.

Healy Consultants offers a Complete Relocation Service for expatriates and their families moving to HK, and this includes handing all the paperwork for employment visa applications, a process which could be time-consuming and frustrating if you were to attempt it alone.

In addition, whether you are looking for the perfect place to live in HK, or want a total orientation of this exciting location with trained, experienced consultants who will provide accurate, relevant information on living there, Healy Consultants really can make your move a smooth one.

Our services related to migration to HK include:

  • Pre-arrival consultation – an essential service including detailed needs analysis by the consultants;
  • Familiarisation programmes – personalized, tailor-made programmes for families, single executives, and couples with no dependants. The programme may include visits to schools, social clubs, shopping areas, banks and health facilities amongst others. Detailed information on topics such as transportation, legal issues, employment recreation and entertainment will be supplied by the consultant during the programme;
  • Home finding – one of the main concerns on arrival in HK is where to live. Our property consultant will listen to your specific requirements and discuss potential areas and properties before guiding the Client through all stages of arranging unlimited viewing, the lease signing process, connection of all utilities and termination of lease.
  • Cross cultural training – these customized and condensed programmes provide expatriate employees and their families with the core skills and knowledge to complete a successful overseas assignment. By becoming culturally competent, expatriates will be able to maximise their experiences and contributions, and in return, will ensure a worthwhile investment made by the company.

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