Guidelines for making videos in 2024

Healy Consultants Group’s 2020 goal is to have the world’s best website in our industry. Posting high quality, informative videos to our website is a key part of this goal. A well-prepared and produced video will:

  • Make our e-commerce Firm more real and human;
  • Supply country business set up information to those potential Clients who like to hear and not read;
  • Reinforce the message to visitors that we are the best business set up solution;
  • Enhance our website visitor experience;
  • Meet Google’s guidelines for more audio-visual content and improved visitor experience, therefore improving our website search engine ranking; and
  • Support our Firm’s Thought Leadership strategy.

Check out this video and this video for good examples from a company in a similar line of work.

  • Tips / steps for making a video

    For most staff, making a video does not come naturally, and you may be nervous to speak in front of a camera. Please follow the steps below to help you:

    1. You will likely have been given a specific video topic (if not, see Suggested video topics section below);
    2. It helps to draft a script for your topic and practice a few times. Make sure the script runs for about one minute;
    3. Select a suitable background. It should not be cluttered or messy. Perhaps a good view, or a wall with a nice artwork;
    4. Ensure the room has sufficient light to show your face;
    5. Set up your laptop and familiarise yourself with the video function. On most laptops the video function is located in the Camera app (Settings>Camera). You should be able to find instructions online for your laptop;
    6. Position the laptop so that the camera is close enough, but not too close, to your face;
    7. Find a comfortable position to sit and relax;
    8. Start the video (ideally ask someone to do that for you);
    9. Speak slowly and clearly, looking at the camera as much as possible without staring intently. Try to be natural – using occasional hand gestures and smiling is fine;
    10. At the beginning of the video, introduce yourself and your position and your office location;
    11. Make the video topic simple and fun and real. For example, ‘’I WhatsApp video called my USA Client at 11pm Singapore time. We spoke for an hour and discussed business problems and solutions. I remember we got cut off multiple times because of his WIFI problems. Consequently, we agreed to have a call again the next night’. And so on so on;
    12. Do as many cuts of the video that you want. Pick the best version and email to Mark Lazell for business website upload. Advise Mark of the multiple web pages you wish the video to be uploaded.
  • Suggested video topics

    • Client Engagement videos

      Talk a little bit about how the business relationship started and ended with Client including:

      • the Client inquiry came in through our business web site;
      • you sent them a sales email;
      • then a phone call;
      • then engagement letter;
      • then sales invoice payment;
      • then engagement planning;
      • weekly detailed engagement status updates;
      • engagement completion; and
      • Client professional reference.
    • Country videos

      • Discuss some real life experiences of your work on the country in question;
      • What is it really like to do business there?
      • What are some of the main hurdles of doing business there?
      • Did anything come as a pleasant surprise, or did you experience any unwelcome shocks?
    • Other suggested themes

  • Where will the video be posted?

    • Your video will be posted i) on the relevant pages of our website ii) on our LinkedIn page and iii) on YouTube and other social media from time to time. Before we post the video, we will seek your permission to do so, and will inform you on which platform it is being posted;
    • You can request a video be removed at any time if you feel uncomfortable, or if you feel it compromises you in any way;
    • Business website videos are Healy Consultants Group IP.
  • Conclusion

    Healy Consultants Group is an e-commerce business. The majority of our sales come from our business website that is found on Google. The higher the quality of our country web pages, including videos, the better quality Clients we attract.