Singapore company registration

For over a decade, Healy Consultants has been efficiently and effectively assisting our Clients with i) business registration ii) business license registration iii) Singapore business banking solutions iv) visa options and staff recruitment strategies and v) workspace rental solutions.

Advantages of Singapore company registration

  1. A Singapore limited liability company is incorporated within one week, with merely one shareholder and one director of any nationality. The minimum paid up share capital is US$1 and our Clients do not travel to complete the engagement;
  2. A Singapore company is the best holding company in the world because:
    • If properly structured by Healy Consultants, a Singapore holding company will not suffer corporation tax on all forms of international income;
    • Through its network of 75 double taxation treaties global withholding tax is minimized when extracting funds from international subsidiary companies;
    • Singapore boasts fair and reasonable transfer pricing rules.
  3. A Singapore company is an excellent global trading company because:
    • If properly structured by Healy Consultants, international sales are legally tax exempt;
    • Singapore corporate registration requirements and procedures

    • A Singapore company looks good to customers and suppliers;
    • For a Singapore business registration, Healy Consultants can open a supporting corporate bank account in every country in the world including USA, Germany, Dubai, South Africa, Brazil, Australia, Japan, eliminating the need to register local companies in each continent.
  4. Singapore is the perfect low tax headquarters in Asia because:
    • If properly structured by Healy Consultants, a Singapore resident company will not suffer tax on i) international income ii) all forms of dividends and iii) capital gains;
    • For resident companies, the first three years net profits under US$125,000 are tax exempt. Profits over this amount suffer corporate income tax of 17%, the second lowest rate in APAC;
    • Regional withholding tax rates are minimized through the 75 double taxation treaties signed by Singapore. Thus extracting funds from regional subsidiary companies in the form of dividends, management fees and royalties. Refer to this table to view how regional withholding tax rates are minimized;
    • Because Singapore is a member of ASEAN, companies incorporated here pay no import duty when trading with other ASEAN member countries, including Indonesia, Malaysia, the Philippines, Thailand, Brunei, Burma, Cambodia, Laos and Vietnam.
  5. Singapore is a great import and export hub because: i) it boasts the world’s 2nd busiest port and the world’s 12th busiest cargo airport ii) it hosts a huge number of international trading companies and supporting banks, a top source of trade finance and iii) it attracts the world’s leading freight forwarders, shipping companies and insurance companies;
  6. Since Singapore is the most politically stable country in Asia, it boasts a reputable regulatory environment. Consequently, business registration in Singapore is the perfect option for signing regional contracts with customers and suppliers or for registering intellectual property;
  7. Since Singapore is the most proficient English speaking country in Asia, international entrepreneurs find it easy to communicate with suppliers and Clients. Also, all official documents are written in English;
  8. Singapore boasts a highly skilled labour force with a literacy rate of over 96% and a computer literacy rate of 99%. Furthermore, most skilled employees are bilingual in English and Mandarin or Malay;
  9. Starting a business in Singapore is easy with minimal corruption, minimal business restrictions, and low bureaucracy. A foreign owned company can invest in every business sector without restriction. This is why Singapore boasts the first place ranking on the 2015 world doing business survey, measuring ease of starting a business, paying taxes and getting credit, amongst other factors;
  10. The Singapore Government i) offers a multitude of attractive government grants to new companies and ii) allows all tax returns to be submitted online.
Interview with Aidan Healy on Singapore business registration

Disadvantages of Singapore company registration

  1. All resident firms must have at least one resident director, who can either be a citizen, permanent resident or work pass holder in the country. Furthermore, corporate directors are not allowed;
  2. As a services and export-based economy, Singapore’s growth is dependent on i) the health of the Chinese economy and ii) the health of the USA and EU economy;
  3. Singapore IRAS

  4. All companies must submit financial statements annually to the Inland Revenue Authority (IRAS). Healy Consultants assists our Clients efficiently and effectively complete this annual statutory obligation;
  5. Singapore is an expensive city for a new business, with monthly average labor cost being US$2,600 and monthly average office rental being US$7 per square foot. Both rates are more than double the rates in neighboring Malaysia;
  6. Hiring foreign workers is difficult; the company will have to prove that local workers were not denied the work opportunity.

Why invest in Singapore?

Frequently asked questions

  • I wish to register a small business in Singapore. Can Healy Consultants help me?

    Yes. Healy Consultants will help our Clients with business registration in Singapore
  • Why register a company in Singapore?

    For an entrepreneur starting in Singapore, there are several benefits including: i) offshore Singapore registration which can be 100% tax-exempt ii) low corporate tax for an onshore Singapore business registration and iii) several government incentives.
  • How do I register a business in Singapore?

    We can register a business in Singapore through the Accounting and Regulatory Authority, Singapore (ACRA). The entire process of establishing a business in Singapore can be completed within a week, provided the company has a resident director and company secretary.
  • What are the company registration requirements?

    In order to form a Singapore company, one resident director, one resident company secretary and one shareholder are required. Please note that, the shareholder can be of any nationality.
  • How can foreigners register a company in Singapore?

    Foreigners can establish a Singapore company through a resident agent like Healy Consultants because the law does not allow non-resident individuals to self-register.
  • What business restrictions will I face if I register a branch in Singapore?

    In Singapore, a branch office faces no business restrictions. Consequently, it can be incorporated in all sectors of the Singapore economy.

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