Annual accounting and tax reporting fees

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For every country on the planet, Healy Consultants Group assists our multi-national Clients’ to timely accurately and completely discharge their annual legal, accounting, audit and tax obligations.

This web page will help you better understand this annual professional service.

  1. For an active trading company, and depending on the country, our average annual fee ranges from US$ 2,500 to US$ 2,700 to complete annual financial statements and corporation tax return;
  2. For a dormant company, our average annual fee is US$ 1,200. Our Client will need to email us annual bank statements as evidence of zero activity in the corporate bank account;
  3. As always and to minimize engagement costs and timeframe, our Staff will aggressively and skilfully negotiate with the Government to secure an exemption from:
    1. an independent statutory annual audit;
    2. the statutory obligation to submit a corporation tax return;
    3. the statutory obligation to convene an AGM;
  4. Following receipt of a trial balance from our Client after the accounting year end, our staff will more accurately advise annual accounting and tax filing fees;
  5. Healy Consultants Group in-house Accounting and Tax Department will charge additional fees when our multi-national Clients:
    • need our help to prepare an accurate an complete trial balance and general ledger;
    • engage us to supply monthly and quarterly book-keeping services;
    • require a lot of our Staff time and resources to obtain accounting and tax information from our Client, to enable our Firm to timely accurately and complete annual financial statements;
  6. In some countries like Hong Kong and Dubai and Brazil, it is necessary to submit the annual financial statements for an independent statutory annual audit. In this case, Healy Consultants Group in-house Accounting and Tax Department will:
    • Revert to our Client for additional fees;
    • Project manage the timely completion of the independent statutory annual audit, with minimum inconvenience to our multi-national Clients’;
  7. Refer to this web page (click link) to better understand the annual company renewal process;
  8. The fees quoted on this web page are a prediction of the fees to timely, efficiently and effectively complete the annual accounting and tax and audit engagement.

    If, during the annual engagement, our in-house Accounting and Tax Department realises the project is more complex than anticipated, requiring a large additional investment of time, my Firm will request additional fees.

    If Healy Consultants Group completes the annual engagement faster and more easily than expected, we will gladly refund some fees to our Client;

  9. It is important our Clients are aware of their personal and corporate tax obligations in their country of residence and domicile and comply with them completely and accurately. Let us know if you need Healy Consultants Group’s help to clarify your local and international annual tax reporting obligations;
  10. In most countries on the planet, it is necessary for local companies to register for i) VAT or GST and ii) employee PAYE and social security and iii) corporation tax. Consequently, monthly, quarterly and mid-year government tax obligations include i) monthly payroll and CPF reporting and ii) quarterly GST or VAT return filing.

    If you need our help, Healy Consultants Group in-house Accounting and Tax Department will complete this statutory reporting for a monthly fee ranging between US$360 and US$950, depending on the country.