Manasa Chitrada | Accounting & Tax Associate

I joined Healy Consultants Group in May 2023 as an Accounting and Tax Associate. Prior to that, I used to work as an Auditor in Mazars.

  • My business goals

    • I want to contribute to process improvements which includes identifying opportunities to automate routine tasks and streamlining processes to increase productivity.
    • Focus on continuous professional development which includes staying up-to-date with industry trends and best practices in accounting and finance.
  • My daily work schedule

    • Project managing client engagements across global locations.Ensure smooth communication, timely delivery, and effective execution of projects to meet client expectations and foster long-term relationships.
    • Collaborating with service providers to enhance client experiences: Work closely with service providers to optimize the services and solutions offered to our clients. Foster strong relationships with vendors, negotiate contracts, and ensure the delivery of high-quality services.
  • The most interesting work I ever did

    Established a self-founded COVID-19 health charity in India dedicated to providing essential medical aid to hundreds of individuals in need.

  • The most rewarding work I ever did

    Successfully launched and managed a self-sustaining yoga centre focused on empowering and educating autistic children through yoga practices, benefiting both employees and the children alike.

  • Pastimes

    • Playing chess
    • Teaching yoga
    • Volunteering at the local animal rescue centres
  • Business style

    • Creative
    • Diligent
    • Motivated
  • Languages I speak

    English, Hindi, Tamil, Telugu, French, Kannada and Khmer

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