Safe Management Measures in 2024

Prepared in accordance with the guidelines issued by the tripartite partners – the Ministry of Manpower (MOM), the National Trades Union Congress (NTUC) and the Singapore National Employers Federation (SNEF) to ensure a COVID-safe workplace.

Healy Consultants Group is committed to ensuring the safety of its employees and will abide by the below policies to make our Singapore, River Valley office, a COVID-safe space.

  • Procedures to record entrance at the office

    • Before entering the office, all Employees, Clients and visitors must check-in, either via SafeEntry or other means (e g hard copy records). By checking in, they confirm that they:
      1. Are currently not under a quarantine order or stay-home notice;
      2. Have not had close contact with a confirmed COVID-19 case in the past 14 days;
      3. Do not have any fever or flu-like symptoms.
    • Jaya will check temperature of i) all visitors before they enter the office and ii) all employees twice daily at 9am and 2pm;
    • Jaya to keep records of i) the readings ii) date and time iii) name and NRIC / FIN number of the employee or visitor iv) contact details (for visitors only);
    • Staff who are unwell (including having a fever of 37.5 and above upon temperature screening) will be declined entry to the workplace and requested to immediately visit a doctor;
    • Visitors who are unwell will be asked to reschedule their appointment and return when they are well or schedule a video or phone call with our staff;
    • Vulnerable employees (e.g. older employees, pregnant employees and employees who have underlying medical conditions) can request to come in to work at staggered timings to avoid peak hour crowds.
  • Meetings with Clients and Suppliers

    • Whenever feasible, staff to recommend Clients/bankers/suppliers and other visitors to conduct virtual meetings instead of face to face, until the government confirms it is safe to do otherwise;
    • When a face to face meeting at the office is unavoidable, our staff to abide by the following guidelines:
      1. Meeting duration to not exceed half an hour unless approval is granted by the line manager;
      2. Maximum number of participants to be i) 4 in the boardroom or ii) 2 in the small meeting room;
      3. Ensure clear physical spacing of at least 1 metre between persons at all times;
      4. All meeting attendees to wear masks; and
      5. Immediately after the meeting, Jaya and the staff member who convened the meeting must clean and disinfect tables and seating.
  • Lunch breaks

    • Lunch breaks will be staggered in 30-minute blocks. 33% of the staff to go for lunch at 12pm, 33% at 12.30pm and the remaining 33% at 1pm;
    • All Employees must not share cups and utensils from the office pantry;
    • All Employees must clean and disinfect tables after having lunch in the office;
    • All Employees are not allowed to gather in groups of more than 4 if having lunch in the office;
    • All Employees are required to observing good personal hygiene e.g. washing hands and disinfecting the workspace with sanitiser before and after lunch.
  • Office Cleaning

    • Jaya will ensure common spaces, particularly areas with high human contact, are cleaned once a day. Where physical meetings are held, or meals are taken at common spaces such as pantries, Jaya must clean and disinfect tables between each meeting or sitting;
    • Each employee must ensure that the computer equipment in the meeting room shared between different employees are cleaned and disinfected before changing hands;
    • Jaya to ensure air conditioning units are serviced weekly;
    • Cleaner to visit the office thrice a week;
    • Jaya will keep records of all the above.
  • Other hygiene and safety measures

    • All Employees must wear masks at the workplace at all times;
    • Healy Consultants will ensure that it has i) 5 masks per week per employee or ii) 1 reusable mask per employee. Employees are responsible for cleaning reusable masks.
  • Appointment of a Safe Management Officer

    Jaya is appointed as Safe Management Officer, while Fenna will act as backup officer when Jaya is not in the office.

  • Safe distancing measures

    • Ensure clear physical spacing of at least 1 metre between persons at all times through the following:
      1. Jaya will demarcate safe physical distances (at least 1m apart) at the office with visual indicators or through physical means. This will also be applied to common spaces;
      2. Signs will be put up by Jaya to remind employees and visitors to observe all measures in place.
  • Monitoring of unwell employees

    • Employees in the office who have visited a clinic must submit to HR and Jaya records of their MCs and the diagnoses provided (only for COVID-19-related symptoms, including acute respiratory infections), and if they were tested for COVID-19 and the results of their tests;
    • HR will closely monitor the health of Employees (on MC or ill), before allowing them to return to the office;
    • Any employee who is feeling unwell or showing symptoms of illness should i) report to HR and his line manager ii) leave the workplace and iii) consult a doctor immediately. HR will keep track of these cases;
    • Individual health records of staff, clients, visitors will be treated confidentially (i.e. not shared with third parties unless we are legally bound to do so and only after obtaining written permission from the employee/visitor)
  • Managing confirmed cases

    • A follow-up plan must be put in place in the event of a confirmed case. Upon being notified of a confirmed case, the Singapore office must adopt the following precautionary measures:
      1. Immediately vacate and cordon-off the section of the office where the confirmed case worked. There is no need to vacate the building or the whole floor if there had been no sustained and close contact with the confirmed case; and
      2. Carry out thorough cleaning and disinfecting of all relevant areas and assets that were exposed to confirmed cases, in accordance with NEA guidelines.
  • Conclusion

    All Employees to carefully read this webpage. If you have any questions, kindly contact our safe management officer Jaya, the Asia Pacific CEO Simon or the HR Department.